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wow Naruto is gonna end this year i can’t

believe it

Good morning, Sasuke-kun ^^

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In next chapter probably.



託されるもの | 洋 [pixiv] 
Translated by dattebanyaa

(So sorry about the quality!! I tried to make it fit in 10 pages >_<)

i’am so crying right now…..

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Found this video explaining why Naruto ain’t out yet. It was insightful, so I thought i’d share. 

Me either. 

If Sasuke dies I really… i’ve really thought about having some kind of memorial service. lIke me and some friends just…. burning a candle or soemtHING I DONT KNOW I JUST WONT HANDLE IT WELL. 

Like, at this point I’ve spent so long thinking about it that I will be okay, but I still won’t be OKAY. 

Anyway it’s all still conjecture…….. Kishi is a troll……

I literally wrote a fic like this because I was so freaked out about it.

Tell me how you like it. :)


But imagine Naruto being asked, “Who’s the person you don’t think you can ever forgive?” They’d probably think he’d say Madara or Kaguya or such, but instead he gets an angry look and spits, “Orochimaru.”

When asked whysince Orochimaru (kinda) aided them in the war—he answers, “I can never forgive Orochimaru because he took him from me.”